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Aberporth 9th July 2017

Aberporth 9th July 2017

Sunday 9th July 2017

Aberporth Sunday 9th July 2017                                                               Well it has to be said I did not think a week before the race we would have more than just one mixed team, but with a little persuasion and encouragement (some would call it nagging!) we fielded a ladies team and men’s team and two mixed teams.

Aberporth is a lovely venue, great hosts and thankfully, although we drove through persistent rain and spooky sea fog once we arrived the weather cleared and the sun shone all day.

First up were the ladies supervets in Nauti Buoy – Marja, Libby, Gabi & Nic (Towy) ably coxed by Simon a great start, calm seas but not much air, we fought our way to the 1st buoy turn working our way through the fleet, keeping wide at the 1st buoy turn so as to keep out of trouble, by the second buoy turn we had two Llangrannog boats ahead of us, with Simon egging us on we made steady progress pulling ahead of one of them and were gaining with every stroke on the next but sadly ran out of water before we could overtake them too.  We finished a credible 10th in a time of 23mins 57 secs 3rd in class, however if we had registered as a Vets boat rather than a Super vets boat we would have come 1st in class!!

Next up were our men also in Nauti Buoy

Andy “Stealth” Richards         Cox, Conor the Irish Ox – Stroke              Ben the Professor – 2           Ewan the Farmer – 3         Simo the Extra Weight – Bow

Once the sea mist had lifted and the ladies returned from their epic first race, the Wiseguys jumped into Nauti Buoy and sped to the start line like a crew of seasoned athletes. For Ben it was his first race in a Celtic as he had just joined WBRC after finally realising the rowing he had been doing in Swansea Uni for all those years in sliding seat boats was a walk in the park compared to the brutal experience of a WSRA League race. A field of 14 boats hovered around the start line and with Stealth at Cox the Wiseguys had a strong start with the calm conditions and rolling start aiding a good mid field position at the first buoy turn.

But with the heat of the mid-day sun causing some issues for the crews and the lack of wind feeling like someone had switch the air off with every lung full of air a challenge. The Wiseguys started to slip away from the leading front boats and found themselves in a battle with Llangrannog and Fishguard Men Crews for 5th, 6th and 7th place.

After the last buoy turn it was a mile sprint to the finish line with Wiseguys, Llangrannog and Fishguard holding positions but with less than 500meters to go Llangrannog and Fishguard edged ahead and took the finish line seconds ahead of the Wiseguys who had to settle for a 7th place finish. Everyone had given their all and the Bow man even fed the fish over the side of the boat from the exerting effort taken in the final 500 meters.

An excellent race and plenty of positives for this new and experimental Wiseguy crew and plenty to look forward to in the coming seasons.

8th place in time of 32 mins 58 seconds pipped at post by 1 second to Fishguard who came 7th

Our mixed teams

Seniors – Elen, Conor, Ben & Gabi coxed by Owen (Towy) in Nauti Buoy despite being taken out on the start line by an Aberporth boat we got off to a steady start, the boat felt amazing with Elen setting a cracking pace in stroke we positively flew through the field, encouraged all the way by Owen by the 1st buoy turn we were in the top half of the fleet, the power from mid boat was amazing, between 1st and 2nd buoy we continued our assault on the field, by the last buoy we were right on the tail of the PYC boat dogged determination and cracking team work slowing the stroke and using all the power we had meant we overtook and pulled away from them, how amazing that felt as it very rarely happens!! We finished 4th and 2nd in class.

Vets – Marja, Iwan, Graham & Libby coxed by Andy in Ready Oar Knot

Our intrepid mixed Vets crew waited on an unusually tranquil line for the start of the mixed race in the picturesque surroundings of Aberporth. With Mo in stroke and Libby in bow - the mid boat powerhouse was made up of Graham and Iwan. 

With a rolling start we were off, ably coxed by Andy and apart from an annoying kayaker buzzing around like an irritating mosquito we settled into 'long and strong', by the time we got to the first boy we had gained a place, leaving Llangrannog in our wake. We battled against St Dogmeals for the rest of the race but unfortunately the heat and the shortness of the race meant we didn't quite make it, another 100 yards perhaps?

Great rowing all round in very warm conditions and fab coxing from Andy who was desperate for us to 'leave it all in the boat'! We came in 14th and 3rd in class.

Thank you to everyone for coming and giving it your all, welcome to the team Ben – your first Celtic League race.  Thank you to our younger supporter Lottie and Elvie the next generation of Wisekids!