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Dinas Head 22nd July 2017

Saturday 22nd July 2017

Dinas Head Challenge Race 8 Miles       Saturday 22nd July 2017


Men's Crew – ROK  

Cox - Andy “Stealth” Richards

Stroker – Simo “The Chair” Collings

No.2 – Gareth “ The AA” Boz

No.3 – Rodderick “The Cross Dresser” Haynes

Bow – Graham “The Humph “Humphreys


Women`s Crew – Nauti Buoy

Cox – Gabi “The Kitten” Slaughter

Stroker – Nikki “The Husky” Nelson

No.2 – Sarah “The Virgin Racer ” Slaughter

No.3 – Mo “The Dutchess”  Cross

Bow – Libby “The Safe Cracker” Lloyd

With the race not starting until 1745hrs, we had a leisurely meet up in the compound mid afternoon to co-ordinate the usual calamity which is part of a Wisey away day, so with Rodders hooked up to tow and lifts and keys sorted the Wiseguys and Wisebirds were on the road again.

The Race starts from Goodwick Harbour, Fishguard and finishing 20 minute drive away in Newport Pembs. Once the crews had unloaded ROK and Nauti Buoy, the musical cars started and the annual shuttling of vehicles to Newport began.

Once all crew members were accounted for and the “correctly” named boats were registered , the crews warmed up with some “Helter Skelter “ team building and consumed cake, tea  and coffee in readiness for the gruelling race ahead.

27 boats were registered and the timed start meant a 30 second delay between each boat and the quicker crews starting last, so with our WiseBirds having a start place of 10th, our WiseGuys had No.24!!!

The organisers must have got confused thinking we were actually good rowers…...

Men’s Crew - The race started and quickly the WiseGuys found themselves at the back of the fleet and the initial pull to the turning point around Dinas Head proved challenging, with the wind and tide causing our Starboard crew a hard session, with the cox demanding extra from them all the way around the head land.  Once around Dinas head ROK picked up the pace and with the cox picking an excellent line tight against the cliffs our Wiseguys started passing other crews and resulted in an exciting finish pushing Llangrannog mixed crew to the line.

Our Men finished in 15th place in time of 1hr 11minutes , with the fastest crew Aberystwyth Men finishing in 1hr 01minute and the last boat completing in 1hr 35minute.

Our Ladies crew with Nikki in stroke, Libby in bow, Mo in 3 and Sarah the virgin in her first race in 2, coxed by her mum who told her that we were going for a row to Newport.. forgetting to mention the slight detail that it was a race!! However she did amazing, initiating a rather lively discussion on thongs... the team pulled hard through some slightly tricky waters, overtaking the Pembroke longboat and Llangrannog ladies (I think) unfortunately just missing out on catching Mumbles ladies and cruising in at about 1 hour 21 mins! Fabulous coxing by Gabi and great rowing by all particularly Sarah in her first race!

The after party, as always proved very successful and with the amazing sunset finishing the day off, some of the Wisey crew camped the night which resulted a suitably sore head in the morning. Well done everyone, yet another successful Wisey Away Day.