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Llanion 10th July 2016

Sunday 10th July 2016

Llanion Sunday 10th July 2016         After much deliberating by the Llanion Warriors, a notice was finally put up on the face book page at 19.30 hrs to confirm the race was going ahead – weather conditions were not predicted as good with wind gusts of up to 30 + mph forecast.  

The Wiseman’s crew all met down at the compound for 8.15 am (although Nick was there bright and early before us all as usual) and three boats were towed over to Llanion, by Bryony in her lovely new car, Neil and Gary.  We arrived in good time and with some alterations to the teams due to poor Nigel being unwell, and now confirmed names and numbers for the juniors, we had a total of 18 adult rowers and 8 juniors and of course our youngest member Elvie there to entertain us all.

As always a warm welcome awaited with not only tea/coffee and cakes, but also the facilities and bar of the “Cove” establishment.

The first race was the ladies race with Simon in cox, Gog, Bryony, Lois and Mo in Ready Oar Knot, and the Supa Senior vets in Oarsome, with Nick to cox, Gabi, Di, Libby and Sian.  For many of us this was probably the hardest race of the year, with rain and wind making for little movement forward in some parts of the race.  Oarsome began with a brilliant start, but was soon overtaken by our ladies team.  Both teams came 3rd in class and were pleased with this result given the trying conditions.

The second race was the men’s race and with Bryony in cox, it was to be the first race our junior Harry was to row in.  Harry was in bow, supported by Simon, Nick and Gary.  The men’s race was to cover a longer distance and this proved to be a real challenge and despite the hard work unfortunately they did not finish in a place, but battled hard at the end with Llanion, who finished  barely 10 seconds ahead.

All too soon the junior and novices were on the water, with Simon in cox for the novices, with Mel, Jess, Graham and Nina (well when Nina stopped taking a nap on the bottom of the boat, Nina claims she slipped off  her seat, but we all knew she just fancied a little rest in the middle of the race).  In the junior’s team, we had Jim to cox, with Lowri, Naomi, Jayde and Rosie.  The winds were strong from the start of the race and the poor juniors were windswept into the start boat, however they soon made a speedy recovery and were on the way to the first buoy.  Conditions remained difficult throughout the race and all were relieved to make it back to Llanion.  The novices came in 2nd and our juniors taking 1st in under 16s.

Whilst all this racing was taking place two boats with baby juniors attempted to have a short race. However, due to the strong winds, the race had to be abandoned and one boat was towed in by the safety rib. Our boat, Dirty Gertie, with Lottie, Ella, Di, Mo and Neil to cox, managed to straighten up after going round and round in circles, and eventually row back into Llanion, very well done to Lottie and Ella, who really had to concentrate and row really  hard to keep time and get us back without being towed in. 


The final race was to be the mixed. We had two boats entered; vets in Oarsome, with Diane to cox, Neil in stroke, Mo, John and Libby. In Ready Oar Knot we had, Bryony, Captain Dan, Lois and Lloyd, coxed by Nick. This was to be Lloyd’s first row as a junior in a mixed race and although it stretched him to his full capacity he rowed really well. Neither boat made a place, and they both came in with the middle pack boats.

A really brilliant day was had by all. It was great to amalgamate the juniors into some of the senior boats so they could get a real feel for a long strong row.  The Novices and Juniors as always did Wiseman’s really proud and of course the afternoon finished with a pint or two at our good old Wiseman’s bridge pub. 

Special thanks as always, to the towers, Neil, Gary and Bryony.