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Llanion 9th August 2015

Sunday 9th August 2015

Winners in Class Wisey juniors
Winners in Class Wisey newbies

Llanion 9th August 2015        In a change to last year’s course the race would be heading up river towards Lawrenny, making for some interesting advantages using the currents, if you know where to go.  Conditions for the day were reasonable and very much improved on last year.

Our Ladies Super Vets crew were up first in Oarsome with Marja, Gabi, Sian, Judy and Nick coxing.  They had an interesting start almost ending up the wrong side of the start boat but managed to get sorted in time.  It was a long race and the girls put in a superb effort coming in 14th overall in a time of 44 mins 7 seconds and 3rd in class.

Next was the turn of our Mens Super Vets in Oarsome with Nikki coxing there was Jim, Gareth, Nigel and Nick.  They finished in a time of 46 mins 35 seconds, 15th overall and 2nd in class.

Next race was the much anticipated Juniors and Novice race and another chance for our Juniors to show what they can do.  The Juniors were in Oarsome with Neil in Cox and Nat, Harry B, Darcy Langston (Llanion) and Sian Jones making them an Open Under 18 crew.  Naomi has very kindly agreed to row with Towy in their Open Under 18 crew and the Novice crew were in Dirty Gertie with Lois, Harry K, Mark K, Garry M and Gabi coxing.  With all 3 teams out on the same course together it was going to be a very competitive race.

From Towy:  “Sian drew the short straw and gave a sterling performance in bow for a depleted Towy crew. They shot off from the start, almost passing the lead boat!!! Pulling long and strong together they made it to the turn first, quickly followed by Wisemans juniors. On the home stretch the battle of the juniors began and Wisemans edged ahead, followed in their wake were Wisemans novices. Sian's crew finished in a respectable 2nd in class and 3rd overall”

A long tough pull along the last leg gave the Wisemans crews the edge and it was fantastic to watch the 2 Wisemans boats heading into the finish together.  There was nothing in it at the finish and the Novice crew just edged ahead finishing in a time of 27 mins 53 seconds followed closely by the Juniors in a time of 27 mins 59 seconds.  Both boats finishing 1st in their respective categories in probably the longest Junior / Novice race of the season.

Finally came the mixed race and we were able to scrounge together 2 crews with Nick coxing the Mixed crew in Oarsome with Nikki, Brent, Gareth and Bryony and Jim coxing the Mixed Vets in Dirty Gertie with Marja, Caroline, Gabi and Neil.  Outstanding stroking and a powerful mid boat gave the Wisemans Mixed crew their highest finish of the season coming in 4th overall from a field of 23 boats and in a time of 36 mins 24 seconds.  Our 3 lady Mixed Vets finished in a very respectable 14th overall and 3rd in class in a time of 39 mins 18 seconds.  Special mention goes out to Sian for rowing with PYC in the mixed race finishing 15th overall in a time of 39 mins 21 seconds (including a 30 second penalty for being over the start line!).

A great day with excellent food, lots of cake and plenty of entertainment from both the rowing and from little Alys.  Big thank yous as ever go out to the hosts and to the towers.