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Thursday 1st March 2018

Hi Welcome to our membership page.

Hopefully you are looking here because you'r thinking about joining our club? 

This is an excellent idea and we are sure you will enjoy the friendly and exciting sport of sea rowing whilst experiencing some of the best scenery in Pembrokeshire!

Membership renewals are due in early March each season, but you can join at any point through the season & fees are as follows:

Seniors:                                       £100 per annum* 
Juniors (under 18):                       £  30 per annum
Juniors (under 18 joining as part
             of family membership):   £  10 per annum
Students/concession/cox only:    £  40 per annum
Insport:                                        £  20 per annum

* £60 if joining after 1st July, £50 is joining after 1st August, £40 if joining after 1st September
Senior/student/concession/cox only membership also includes membership to Saundersfoot Sailing Club

New members are allowed the first 2 rows free to try out and then you would be required to join the club to continue rowing.

After downloading and completing the application form please post it with the correct membership fee to:

Simon Collings C/O Wiseman`s Bridge Rowing Club
Larkrise, Cold Inn, Kilgetty, SA68 8RP

All cheques made payable to: Wiseman's Bridge Rowing Club

We look forward to seeing you soon. 


Download: Membership form