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New Quay 8th May 2016

New Quay 8th May 2016

Sunday 8th May 2016

New Quay 8th May 2016

Alarm clocks set …. 7am meet at the Bridge

Pesky windy day but very sunny too … there will be some sunburnt bodies tonight!

First off is the Ladies race, we had two boats entered

Ladies coxed by Nick - Nikki, Ellen, Bryony & Nina (slightly younger …superstar newbie no 1!)

Supervets coxed by Jim – Gabi, Libby, Mel (slightly older …. superstar newbie no 2!) & Di

The ladies crew had an easy start, worked really hard in first leg into wind at the first buoy were inside Llangranog and over took them carried on moving up the field with tremendous verve.  A few close encounters as progressed through the field.  At the last buoy took a wide turn due to congestion, then battle royal ensued with Neyland ladies, we pulled ahead, wore them down and finished with a flourish in a creditable 5th overall, 4th in Class.

The Supervets worked hard to keep in touch with the fleet, excellent effort from the whole crew especially superstar newbie Mel ….

Next off were the Men

Coxed by Simon, Andy, John (also his 1st race I think!) , Nigel & Nick

A struggle to hold the line as always with a large field, coxes instructions filtered through the boat 5 quick, 5 long and off we go …. But after 200m it was clear stroke had issues, at 500m a nifty swap from cox to stroke took place, however the fleet had moved on and the boat seemed to be heading for Ireland!  With a freshening force 4 the boat was a clear 15 boat lengths behind.  The new crew worked tirelessly to try and claw back the distance the buoy turns were easy without other boats to contend with!
On the return leg with the wind the boat was flying, stroke asking the crew for an extra 10% the gap was shortening and cox could see the PYC boat ahead, having made up to only 2 boat lengths behind at the last buoy turn .. against the wind the boat literally went off radar of the shore crew, however the chase was still on averting impending rocks and stayed only 2 boat lengths behind going over the line.  Hard work, team effort got you through well done guys!

Mixed Supervets

Cox Nikki, Libby, Gabi, Graham & Gary

Very hard race as the wind was really getting up to strength, we got a good start cox Nikki had us well positioned, she encouraged us up the first leg against the wind as we approached the first buoy turn the pack has stretched out but we were in close contention with two other boats a class hand-break turn meant we were still in contact as we battled the wind and chop on the long return leg.  Excellent stroke from Libby kept us in contention with XXXX.  Excellent rowing by both John & Graham (who we should remember should be rowing in the Novice races this season!!) who stepped up to the challenge of a full length race.  Timing was key as we approached the last buoy turn, knowing the last leg was going to be hellish, super cox Nikki skimmed us past the buoy and did not allow the boat to drift, encouragement being shouted all the way we all pulled

Mixed - Cox Neil, Ellen, Simon, Bryony, Alan awaiting report

Juniors - awaiting report