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PYC League Race 23 August 2015

Sunday 23rd August 2015

Lovely scenery
Go juniors go!
Little choppy out there
Put your backs into it guys!

PYC League Race                        Despite a very wet start to the day the race was declared on!  It seemed likely that we would get rather wet as we had to wade across to the container at the Bridge.  There were a few thinking twice about whether it was such a good idea.  Luckily the weather fairies were (mostly) on our side and apart from a few showers the day turned out ok.

Even considering the weather we had a pretty good turn out and were able to field at least one boat in every race.  Once the bacon rolls had been consumed and raffle tickets bought it was time to get down to business.

First up was the ladies race and our Ladies Vets were out in Oarsome with Captain Nick coxing, Gabi in stroke followed by Di, Caroline and Sian.  A superb effort in some tough conditions gave them a time of 39 mins 43 seconds coming 10th overall out of 16 and first in class!!

With the Ferry safely docked next up was the mens race and we fielded our Super Vets with Bryony coxing, Jim in stroke followed by Gary, Gareth and Nick. A complicated course crossing the channel and occasionally interrupted by a sailing boat, the guys had a great battle with Aberaeron finally completing the course in 47 mins 14 seconds coming 3rd in class.

Next up was our hardworking Junior crew and our Novice crew.   After the excitement of Llanion there were high expectations on both crews.   The Juniors were out in Oarsome with Caroline coxing, Nat in stroke followed by Harry B, Callum (Newport) and Sian J.  Completing the course in 18 mins 7 seconds the Juniors were first in class (Open Under 18s) and 3rd overall but were narrowly beaten in the race by our Novice crew in Dirty Gertie with Gabi coxing, Lois in stroke followed by Harry K, Mark K and Garry M who came in in 17 mins 58 seconds 2nd in class and 2nd overall.

Finally it came to the Mixed race and with a little borrowing and arm twisting we were able to field 2 mixed crews.  First up in Oarsome was our Open Mixed crew with Jim coxing, Bryony in stroke followed by Di, Charlie (Towy) and Nick. With the wind picking up a little and the tide turning the first leg had become quite interesting and we were able to do a bit of surf rowing but after rounding the first buoy it was clear the return leg was not going to be so easy.  They finally completed the course in 43 mins 14 seconds and coming 16th out of 24 boats and 12th in class.  The Mixed Vets crew in Dirty Gertie with Lois coxing, Gabi in stroke followed by Gary, Gareth and Sian completed the course in 45 mins 16 seconds coming 20th overall and 3rd in class!

A big thank you as always to the organisers, towers, and borrowed rowers.