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PYC Wreck Race Sunday 20th March

PYC Wreck Race Sunday 20th March

Sunday 20th March 2016

Pulling hard girls
Saga crew giving it their all
Ladies ready for the off
Brian keeping her germs to herself!
Captain Di xx
On the beach all ready to go ... Saga crew

PYC Wreck Race Sunday 20th March 2016     A slightly grey overcast day saw the gathering of 19 boats and crews for the Wreck Race 15.5km around the wrecks sites of the Milford Haven waterway, now in its 3rd year this is always a challenging start to the season.

Slight prerace concerns as our stroke was a little lost en route and also still quite under the weather with a nasty bout of tonsillitis, but once Brian arrived without her voice we were off.

With pre-race warm ups completed …. tea, bacon butties, plasters, strapping and hair all plaited … followed by the long row out to the start line, with the usual delays … 1st boat due to start being one of the last one to arrive!

We were able to field one ladies boat Oarsome (no 32) Gary cox, Nikki, Bryony, Gabi & Captain Di and one mixed (Saga crew) boat Ready Oar Knot (No 5) Dan cox, Libby, Jake, Nigel & Judy

I find the staggered start races difficult as a ladies only boat you go out first and are overtaken by what seems like endless mens and mixed boats, but we kept our heads up and strong and steady pace.

The ladies had high hopes as we were fielding the same team as last year when we won the race in a time of 1h 34m 52s, and were a little disappointed to come in 3rd in time of 1hr 27mins 32s only 25 seconds behind the 2nd place boat.  But looking at the times we completed the race in a staggering 7m 20s quicker than last year so brilliant result.

Our Saga Crew ably coxed by Dan came in 15th in a time of 1hr 25m 31s a massive improvement on the last time out at 1hr 49m 58s .... the quote of the day from cox Dan to stroke Libby "you've got a lovely stoke Libs" she nearly burst out laughing whilst rowing .. bless he didn't realise what he had said!

Great day out, as always, with the Wisemans rowing family